It should be personalized to a level that reflects the location and situation of the mobile device. The best attribution tool is the one that fits within your preferred marketing attribution model and can track the data that means the most to you. For example, if you’re interested in last click attribution, you may want to track activity that drives that final purchase such as clicks on your PPC ads or calls to your sales team. Digital marketing agency Semetrical were able to drive a 26% uplift in calls and increase the likelihood of leads from PPC campaigns by combining Google Analytics and Infinity. They deployed this solution across their clients, helping them see the full digital customer journey across multiple touchpoints, delivering better results for their clients.

definition of mobile attribution in partner marketing

With mobile apps becoming increasingly important for retailers, marketers are becoming more reliant than ever on a robust tech stack to gather data, measure and optimise campaigns. All of these attribution models will generate unique results, as they measure the importance of your touchpoints differently. The attribution model you choose will depend on the nature of the channels and campaigns you are tracking.

Store data from multiple sources in a single platform

I felt he cared about my product goals and always made sure I understood the different mechanics within Kochava to analyze/understand my app activity. Spoke to Cale on a couple occasions and he was just as proactive and helpful. It has been great to have the analytics and product teams also see the value in using a tool like… Functionality – for every idea there is a solution – paired with the great support by provided by Kochava it is possible to find a way to implement it. We use Kochava as our MMP – in order to track into our backend all necessary events for acquisition…

Better allocate their marketing budget and resources to achieve a maximum return. Latest report forecasts that in 2020, ad fraud will consume 44% of global advertising spend, up from our Q2, 2019 findings of 41% of global ad spend of ad spend going to ad fraud.

You cannot trust media platforms to mark their own homework

MMP attribution reports are also important for tracking the lifetime value of customers. By tracking the performance of their campaigns, marketers can gain insights into how much revenue each user is generating over time. This allows them to identify which users are the most valuable to their business, which media channel is bringing these users and allocate budgets accordingly along with more targeted campaigns. A key difference between analytics and attribution platforms is their ability to access data at different points along the sales funnel.

definition of mobile attribution in partner marketing

“I think rates will be higher than everyone is expecting, thanks in part to the strong relationships between users and brands and publishers they trust. Over 50,000 companies use HubSpot as their primary marketing automation, making it the perfect tool to use alongside our software. Marketers who find themselves unable to connect the missing pieces in their campaign risk losing the magic ingredient that led to some of their highest value conversations. Choosing a tool that integrates with a variety of partners creates a streamlined flow of data and makes it easier to extract insight without bringing in the data scientists.


The total amount of revenue generated by a user over the course of their lifetime engagement with the app. Ultimately, deep and rich insights obtained from strategic analytics efforts should empower companies to offer more meaningful experiences and engage users better. Because we’re committed to help you find the right solution for your business needs, we list all software vendors on our website, and give them the opportunity to feature their mobile attribution definition solutions and collect user reviews. However, remember that this is only one piece of your entire approach; other options, such as social media, seo optimization and email marketing, should also be considered. You can expect high-quality promotional resources and support from a dedicated account manager with a reputable affiliate program. Affiliate marketing success or failure hinges on how effectively your website is built and optimized.

The mutually beneficial system helps the product owner boost sales and helps the partner brand diversify its offerings. Partnership marketing provides a platform to promote your offerings to new audiences and increase sales. Partnership marketing refers to a business alliance between two or more brands collaborating in a mutually beneficial arrangement to reach each party’s predefined business goals. Tips & insights into customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, retention and more.. Increase relative importance of the publishers that fall into specific categories by weighing their position within the attribution model.

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Resources Visit our resources hub for more in-depth Industry analysis, guides and more.. We’ll get back to you within one business day via the contact details you provided. When your model is defined and ready to launch, make sure your publishers know about it. Publishers you deem important will see an increasing ROI fast – so ensure they give it all for the best results.

definition of mobile attribution in partner marketing